chinese years

Jamie and I found out that we are born in the year of the rooster in  Chinese  years.

my new teacher

Our new teacher is Miss Hanson and she is the loveliest teacher. I’m really looking forward to having her. Love from Alisha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

next year

Next year our teacher is going to be Miss Hanson. She is a good teacher.



They are 31 states in Mexico as well as the capital.
by Chloe W

My favourite dinosaurs by Sara

The stegosaurus has a sharp spiky body and it has sharp teeth! It is a very heavy dinosaur and he can run very fast. A stegosaurus is blue and green and it is very very big. It can fight with a dark blue velociraptor or a huge, dirty t rex! Did you know that they eat plants like a diplodocus ?

A diplodocus has a very very long neck so it can reach the best leaves from the top of the trees. Diplodocus is green or blue with orange stripes and they can be humungus! They have really tall legs and they have three dirty nails. Did you know that a Diplodocus has really small eyes and they have good sense of smell?

Cinderella by Livvi

I loved this book because of all the dresses and ball’s Cinderella went to. She found them fun and there was lots of them.

Caroline Pitcher

Year 3 enjoyed Caroline Pitcher coming to Bankend Primary School. She had lots of interesting activites planned for us.My favourite activity was when we imagined who had a object, why he wanted it and what he used it for.

things I like about school

I like school because it has the best teachers and headteacher.  Also interesting activities like art, maths and guided reading.

Author of the Week

This week’s Author of the Week is…. David Walliams!
Great books to enjoy by him include:
Mr Stink
Gangsta Granny
The Boy in the Dress
Billionaire Boy
I hope you enjoy reading these funny books. ENJOY!


Isn’t Australia amazing?